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Khun paen The Great Amulet Of Rich & Love


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Location: D01 Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, People's Park

Date posted 27 Oct 2020

Price: $ 1

Ad ID: 88465

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Khun paen The Great Amulet Of Rich & Love

Accelerates Your Life Using The Purest Magical Subjects For Attractiveness Charm Aura & Increase prosperity ,fortune and wealth

Due to the potent power of the mystical properties imbued within the Khunpaen amulet, can help improve one's luck, fate and fortune. This means that the Khun paen has the potential power to opening doors that will lead you to your success in bringing about the changes you desire. For instance, the Khun paen amulet can be used to increase wealth, accumulating money and riches. Moreover, using this Khun paen amulet will not only boost your charisma, but also serves as an effective means to improve your love life drastically.


Great Gift Khun paen by Phra Arjarn O Phetchabun.
Special Material Khun paen For Special Gift .
The material is various types of powder made of herb & plant that Phra Arjarn O has grown them in the temple. Combined with classical holy chalkboard powder such as Pattumung, Maharart, & Itthije, mixed with auspicious meaning powder such as powder from a brand named love, powder from a brand named care, powder from a man named charm, powder from a girl named beauty, powder from a male seller named handsome, powder from a female seller named rich. Phra Arjarn O told his students to find from north to south until completed.

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