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9 Years Passionate and committed Full-Time tutor


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Location: D15 Katong, Joo Chiat, Amber Road

Date posted 24 May 2016

Price: $ 45

Ad ID: 13441

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Details of tuition experiences:

I am a 9 years full-time tutor. I am currently tutoring in JEI Pslemath, at students' homes, and have tutoring experiences in tuition centers such as Adam Khoo Learning Center, Jamiyah's Children Home, (an Malay Orphanage), and Brenda's tuition center. Having the best of both worlds from centres and private tuition, I constantly aim to sharpen my own skills in knowledge, teaching, customer service as well as molding my own character to be the best version of myself.
Track record of current/previous students: 
1. Raymond Song Seung Ho: Yio Chu Kang Secondary; Secondary 3. He came from Korea to Singapore three years ago. I helped him get posted to Sec 1, who sat for mid-year exams shortly after. He was a beginner in English then. With my guidance and his own diligence, he jumped grades from all single digit scores to passing all his subjects. Now he secured his 'A's in Math and Science.
2. Joshua Tan, Kong Hwa Primary School: A student with ADHD Challenges. He jumped grades from border line pass to 80, achieving the best Improvement award in Math.
3. Dickson Tan, Geylang Methodist Secondary, Secondary 4. I have been teaching him since the beginning of 2013. Some challenges surfaced along the way as he dislikes his school teachers, and did not pay attention in class. After some changes to my teaching strategies as well as coordination with his parents, he understood the importance of doing well in studies, and achieved A1 in Math and A2 in Science consistently.
4. Seow Jun Shi, Ngee Ann Primary 4. He always failed his maths. In a year, he achieved the highest in class for his SA2 Math with a score of 74.
I enjoy teaching because as I teach, I learn too. I believe in life-long learning. Growing up in the contemporary 21st century, I personally experienced the challenges and difficulties kids and teenagers face today. Coming from an ex-computer games addict and a pessimistic kid with a very sullen outlook towards life, I grow up to become a passionate teacher, as well as student, to inspire learners to live to their utmost potential and go after their passion. 
Back in secondary school, I was a playful student who could achieve high grades in school despite last minute revision. But burning midnight oil and cramming everything into my head at the twenty-third hour created a lot of unnecessary stress and I was not able to retain the information I had memorized for long.
However, I soon discovered a better strategy to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness towards studies. The little consistency in daily revision plays a huge part. As a result, students not only can have a balanced lifestyle among studies, hobbies and time for family and friends, they also have an increased passion towards learning.
First, Students have to believe that achieving high results are possible. Past experiences in achieving less than ideal results and the public and environment’s constant negative feedback we are exposed to on how one cannot do or be something can really kill a learner’s potential. Children and teenagers need a lot of encouragement and positive affirmations to stretch their potential to the fullest.
In my sessions, I constantly challenge learners to think, to aim high, to believe that anything is possible as long as they set their mind to it. I also reinforce effective habits to have before, during, and after lessons, create mindmaps and conceptualize subjects into key simple ideas and keywords so students can speed up their learning and retention rate.
I believe that habits and mindsets are best cultivated when young as they are still very flexible to changes. With positive attitude, passion, will and determination as a solid foothold, results will come inevitably!
1.Crowbar awards in 3d Animation and Animation: Bronze
2.Diploma in Digital Media Design: Director list (2 years in a row) Sem1 & Sem2, 2007/2008, 2008/2009
3.Toastmasters International (Raffles@Mountbatten): Vice President of Public Relations
4.National Service: Best Soldier award, March 2011, May 2011
Teaching Style/Approach: I reinforce the importance of belief and hard work and constantly steers students in that direction. I let them understand that doing well in studies lies beyond the subjects themselves but also the fundamental attitudes and character that it can cultivate.
Free Slot:
   Mon: 7:30pm
   Wed: 7:30pm 
fri: 7.30pm
   Sat: 9am-11am/ 2pm+ 
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