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Location: D14 Geylang, Eunos

Date posted 15 Mar 2018

Price: Please contact

Ad ID: 38516

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Good tutor from a Tuition Agency:
1. MOTIVATE-If your child is weak in a certain subject and fail to attain the desire results, he or she will lose interest on the subject when times go by. A good tutor should be able to motivate him or her from not giving up and set a healthy and positive mindset for the student.
2. PASSION-A good tutor should not treat tutoring as a job. I have heard parents complaining about their tutor reporting off puntually, almost every lesson. Of course i am not saying that we should ask the tutor to work over time, but at least occasionally they can volunteer to stay behind after the tuition lesson to see if the student needs further assistance.
3. KNOWLEDGE-This is the most important factor when hiring a home tutor. He or she must be knowledgeable in the subject for tuition. Someone who is good in Maths should not be teaching your child English, this is obvious.

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