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Bathroom Renovations North Shore


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Location: Others - 0932

Date posted 10 Jun 2021

Price: $ 30

Ad ID: 95220

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Handy Home Solutions is a family owned bathroom and home renovation business, providing professional bathroom renovation and home improvement services for North Shore and Rodney residents. From small projects, through to complete bathroom renovations, we offer great value, exceptional service and quality workmanship.


It is always a wise decision to hire a qualified bathroom renovations North Shore company who can understand your needs and do all the necessary work in the budget. If you are looking to make changes in any renovation plans for your bathroom then it is going to increase your cost for sure. If you are looking for a cost effective renovation then you can do is to keep the location of your toilet, shower and waste locations as same it was before. Another ways through which you can go for to waste money is to install floor to ceiling tiles and that can really increase your bill and if you only install the tiles on the floors and the wet areas and this is a way with which you can definitely save a lot of money and also makes your bathroom appear bigger in size.


As we kick off the year, it's time to think about what bathroom remodeling trends homeowners can take advantage of when planning for bathroom renovations so that you can rest assure, that there will not be any plumbing issues in the future after the bathroom renovation. Consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures as you want to consider getting updated variants for those who have dated faucets, showerheads, and toilets. The bathroom renovations North Shore by installing eco-friendly fixtures will help you cut down your water utility expenses in the long run. This means, dual flush toilets have two flushing options and it promotes efficient water usage, but the weaker flush is intended for draining liquid wastes while the stronger flush variant is for solid wastes.


You must have dreamt of remodeling your new bathrooms North Shore like the ones filled with grandeur at design magazines. That being said, there is always a death knell called budget; that puts a leash on every wish you have. But, that shouldn’t stop you from materializing your dream. So, here are few smart ways to do just that tiles are the pivotal things when it comes to bathroom renovation. Makes sure you hire the best bathroom renovators to carry out the challenging task of mix and match. If you’re speaking of affordability, make sure you save more on remodeling charge. Hire remodellers that not only excel in their work but also, provide that service at an affordable range. With the right amount of luxury, aesthetics and utillity, you can make an incredible bathroom makeover like you always dreamt of.


Putting on nowadays, installing black or dark colored tap ware is the new in. However, you can certainly opt for something light like rose-gold tap ware that comes with a steep price-tag. But, if saving is your sole aim, then invest in high-quality products that are built to last. Save big on recurring expenditure on repairs or replacements. Ask you bathroom renovators to suggest you a credible source as they have connections to reputed new bathrooms North Shore fitting suppliers. You can also consider mixing tap ware with other bathroom fittings for cost-effectively. Explore from a wide range to settle only on few.

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