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Pool Designs


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Location: Others - 2579

Date posted 11 Jun 2021

Price: $ 30

Ad ID: 95251

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At Precision Pools we strive to deliver a seamless and worry free experience, from the design of your new pool through to your first swim. We can help you create a custom concrete pool that will enhance the value of your home and provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family and friends. With 18 years experience in pool building and an education under one of the top pool builders in Auckland, owner Willy Jones prides himself on being hands on with every swimming pool and being actively involved with each aspect from consultation, quoting, designing and building to filling the finished product. As the company has grown, it has become recognised as a company that produces and specialises in superior custom made concrete swimming pools.


There are many reasons to add a pool to your home. If there is enough space in such a large structure, it can be directly accessed. When you are thinking of pool designs, then there are many factors to consider when creating the ideal pool. Some homeowners don't take the time to think about how to style their pool, and the result is a sloppy design that often looks to the fancier of the way it is built. However, with so many options to choose from, you don't have to make any decisions when looking for the absolute best overall design. If you're unsure about your ideal pool, start by looking at a design magazine or website. By looking at some of the photos you can find on this website, you can learn a lot about what looks good and eventually find what looks great on your property.


It's also a team effort because you have to do a lot of work at the same time. You will also need sophisticated equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and an algae brush to clean the pond. You can buy a brush and vacuum cleaner and try it yourself, but you need to know what to do first and what last. Professional pool cleaning saves time and is economical. Experienced people can do more with the latest equipment. We can also give you some tips to help you clean your own pool. With the help of experts, you can not only keep your pool and pool area clean, but also extend the life of your luxury items. Pool designs are a good alternative to traditional concrete pools. If you know the cost of your pool, consider purchasing pool equipment. Pool sets are easy to create. To set it up, just follow the step by step instructions. You don't need to be an experienced package builder to create a package. So, if you're looking for pool designs, then switch to precise pools.


Concrete Pool Renovation Auckland need to be replastered every 20 – 25 years. Over time the coated surface of a pool will deteriorate, which can affect the water quality and can have an impact on the pool filtration system. The plaster coatings can stain and break down, and paint coatings will fade and oxidise which can create a milky residue in the water. Precision Pools have successfully renovated hundreds of swimming pools.  From a simple replaster, to major structural changes. Not only do we renovate pools that have deteriorated over time, but we can also make changes to the style and shape of your pool. These projects have included raising the height of a pool floor and concreting in new walls to make pools more child friendly.

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